Friday, July 6, 2018

2017 Travels, Buena Vista and OHVing from St. Elmo to Tincup, CO

We rent a Polaris Razor to drive over Tincup Pass.
St. Elmo to Tincup, CO. We're visiting Tommy and Sarah in Buena Vista, CO and together we rent a 4-seat Polaris Razor to ride over Tincup Pass between the historic towns of St. Elmo and Tincup. We've never ridden in an OHV so this is a new experience and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Looking up at the pass.

The ride up to Tincup Pass.

Jim and I at Tincup Pass on the Continental Divide.

The winds are blowing pretty cold on the Divide even in July.
The Continental Divide is SOOOO BIG!

Looking down the west side of Continental Divide.

We arrive at Tin Cup on the west side of the Continental Divide.
We arrive at the historic mining town of Tin Cup. Tommy and Sarah take us to visit the cemetery, which proves to be as interesting as they told us. The cemetery is on several knolls surrounded by wetlands in the middle of a valley surrounded by high mountains. As remote as any historic town could be.
One section of the Tin Cup cemetery is on this tree covered knoll surrounded by wetlands.
Jim and Tommy walk through the main cemetery looking at the old graves.
Only residents or former residents of Tin Cup can be buried here.
Some graves are very old.
Some graves are new and marked with fancy headstones. Note the jet plane engraving. He must have been a pilot. 
Some graves are marked only with small stones but the memories are just as dear.
Some people leave mementos to honor the memory of a loved one. 
The cemetery on the little tree covered knoll is known as the cemetery for the ladies of the night.
The graves are mostly unmarked and no one remembers them.

This marker on the knoll has no inscription but nature landscaped her lonely grave .

The grave for this lady has no marker but someone placed a vine wreath in remembrance.
Rain begins and we don't take time to explore the town. The café we hoped to eat at is closed. Jim takes the wheel on the drive back over the pass.

Jim has fun driving back over the pass.
We see a big bull moose on the way back to Tincup Pass.
"Who goes there?" A marmot checks us out as we drive by.
We go over the Tincup Pass and down to St. Elmo on the east side of the Divide.

We're back in St. Elmo.
Back in St. Elmo we take time to walk the town. Lot's of people come here to drive over Tincup Pass. The old buildings are being restored and the town is beginning a revival. This is just the kind of old mining town you've wanted to experience.

The main street of St. Elmo is crowed with visitors and OHV.

The historic buildings are being renovated.

New walkways are being built and the windows of the historic building offer intriguing glimpses.  

This old house has potential.

A manikin peers out from a 2nd story window.
Curtains hand in the windows of all the old historic buildings and decorations adorn the window sills. Even though people can't enter the building at this time the décor give the town a new life and the windows are inviting and interesting to photograph.

The windows of all the historic buildings are interesting and fun to photograph.

This old building has tin siding.

Flowers decorate in the windows as if someone lives here.

What shops were these?

Old shop front windows and doors.

Our ride ends back in St. Elmo.

Tommy, Sara and Jackie enjoy downtown St. Elmo.
After your ride there are eats, snacks and ice cream in St. Elmo. They appreciate your patronage and it's a nice ending to a wonderful day high in the high Rockies.

Downtown Buena Vista, CO. Walkable and lots of nice shops and dining.
Back in Buena Vista we spend an afternoon walking around downtown visiting the many shops. There are great eateries, grills and ice cream and frozen yogurt shops.

The park in downtown Buena Vista is inviting with it's homey tile furniture.
The city park in downtown Buena Vista is inviting with its homey tile furnishings. No one is going to be rearranging the furniture.

Wouldn't this look wonderful in your garden?
Buena Vista also has a unique white water river park. The city, already well known for it's recreational rafting, has aqua-scaped the Arkansas River with large boulders to create world-class completion white water rapids. A path along the river offers viewing of completions or watching enthusiasts trying their skills in the rapids with kayaks, paddle boards and boogie boards.

This guy was doing his best on his boogie board but quickly ended up getting tossed off into the water.
This guy road the tongue of this rapid on his paddle board for at least half and hour
before he turned and went down river. He was really good.
A guy tackles a rapid in his white water kayak.
Our adventures in Buena Vista come to an end and we travel on to Dillon Reservoir for some bicycling.

Until next time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

2017 Travels, A hike to Kroenke Lake, San Isabel NF and an afternoon in Buena Vista, CO

Tommy and Jim look like brothers.
A Hike to Kroenke Lake. During a visit with friends, Tommy and Sarah in Buena Vista, CO, Tommy takes us on a pleasant 10 mile round-trip hike to beautiful Kroenke Lake in the San Isabel National Forest. The day starts out sunny as days usually do in the Rockies.

The trail to the lake begins rising gently through the forest.

At the boundary to the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in the San Isabel NF.

Break time.

The trail steepens as we climb up the mountain.

The creek becomes a continues cataract as it tumbles down the mountain.   

The trees become imposing as we near the lake. 

It starts raining as we near the lake.
As always in the Rockies in the summer we bring rain gear and as expected we get a down pour.

Jim and I at Kroenke Lake
Kroenke Lake as rain storms come over the divide.

Hiking back down the mountain through the wet bear bush.

The forest trail from Kroenke Lake.

We have to rock-hop across several creeks that across the trail.
A day in the mountains, in solitude, hiking in the forest come rain or shine, listening to birds and the playful cascade of water, is always a day well spent. 

Down town Buena Vista has a lot going on and a lot of great restaurants and shops.
An afternoon in Buena Vista. In the afternoon we enjoy strolling downtown Buena Vista, eating ice cream and perusing shops.

We watch a paddle boarder serf a rapid in the Arkansas River. He was really good and held his
position for quite a long time before turning and going down river to the next rapid.
A trail along the Arkansas River at the end of the Main Street offers the excitement of watching paddle boarders, boogie boarders and kayakers challenge the rapids and standing waves in the river. The rapids are artificially made by placing large boulders in the river to create a world class completion water course.

A boogie boarder just got into the wave before taking a dunk. Wet suites are necessary gear.

A kayaker plays in the rapids.

Jim, Tommy and Sarah relax on the cool tile furniture in the park.

Tile living room set with mosaic rug.
On our next adventure Tommy and Sarah will take us OHVing over Tincup Pass.
Until then.